I have a question. And I’m not being impatient, I’m just genuinely intrigued by this conundrum. Why is it that any government owned entity are always so DAMN SLOW?

Do you want to know how long I waited to buy stamps today? 25 minutes. And they had 3 people behind the register. I really don’t feel like it should have taken this long. I mean, yes, there are the occasional ass hole-customers that decide to try and get retail workers to bend over backwards for them, but seriously… I feel like civil servants have the job security and the RIGHT to tell people to shut the hell up and get out of their line. I would.

Maybe I’m just being a bit crazy, but I feel like there is always a long line of annoyed people at any government building. If government funded trades are allowed to charge a BILLION dollars for 5 men to stand around all day doing nothing, then places like Aus Post and Centrelink should be able to hire actual motivated people who don’t hate their lives and don’t value the time of Australian citizens.


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