Mi Madre



I saw this miniature dog on the beach today. Ok, so maybe it was a puppy. But it was like, a miniature jack russel x staffy. It was so cute I couldn’t handle it, and I shed a few tears when it ran over to me and jumped on my lap. It made me think about my mum and how there are so many things about her that would surprise you. Let me tell you a few (sorry mum):

– My mum is obsessed with miniature things. She has this whole shelf in her bedroom that holds all of her little statues. One time, I went to Thailand and bought her this tiny porcelain set of a mother duck and 10 ducklings. I never knew what joy a 50c present could bring until that moment.

– When she was little, my Oma was doing a spring clean and put one of her dolls in the incinerator, because she thought my mum didn’t play with it anymore. When my mum found out, she was distraught because she used to think her dolls had feelings.. Anyway, a few years ago she went on ebay and found the EXACT same doll, and bought it.And thus began my mothers seriously insane obsession with dolls. She went to a doll fair once and that’s when I had to stage an intervention. I told her she had to get rid of some of her dolls (they were literally SPILLING out of the cupboard), and she told me I was mean.

– She falls over. ALL.THE.TIME. Like, I’m not even exaggerating. A few weeks ago, she was cleaning the glass fence around the pool, went to step sideways- MISSED- and fell half in the pool, half on the tiles.  It was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, but I won’t go in to that. Another time, she was running to answer the door, and she went to take a step down the stairs and she missed, and flew/slipped down all 20. Then she just stood up, all flustered and opened the door like nothing happened.

hope you enjoyed my short list of things you didn’t know about Susi Coles. Sorry mum.


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