I’m turning in to my grandparents



Look at my cute little Christmas Tree. I feel bad for my husband because he didn’t get to have a big green plastic tree in our tiny house- but I just think it’s a waste of money to buy plastic decorations that will only be up for a few weeks. I REFUSE to be a part of the commercialised “Xmas”- So I literally spent $4 on Christmas related decorations this year. I bought a big roll of the Christmas wrapping paper you can see in the photo.I wanted to use newspaper, but I think I’ll just ease my poor hubby in to this transition.

This tree cost me nothing. I went bush bashing through our investment property, and found this branch that had snapped off one of the trees. Then I borrowed white paint from my dad, used a handsaw to get rid of grubs and other weird knobbly bits- found an old plastic pot behind the house.. and used stones from our pathway to secure the tree in place. And when I’m done, I’ll reuse the stones and the pot.. And I’ll probably make a cute mobile out of the branch.

OMG I’m turning in to my grandparents.


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