What an awful day it has been. I became aware of the hostage situation at about 10.30am from my mother in law who frantically messaged me “DONT GO TO THE CITY”. I had taken the day off today, and was lying in bed (my arms in agonising pain after my triple shot saga.. Guess I won’t be getting Tetanus, Typhoid or Hep A anytime soon), watching in horror as a crazy man held my whole country hostage. I watched from my bed and I thought about how I would have felt if I had gone to work today. I work about 5 minutes away, so I wouldn’t have been in any danger- but when people starting talking about bombs in the Opera House, I would have been freaking out hardCORE.

I thought about how lucky I was, that I was tucked up in bed with my dogs.. and the knowledge that all my family and friends were safe. I can’t imagine how the relatives and friends of the hostages felt. They would have just been waiting around for the unknown… Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

It’s really silly, but I felt guilty because I was so comfy in my bed while these innocent people were pressed up against the windows, fearing for their lives for 17 hours- with a crazy man waving a gun around.


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