Kitty bag



I distinctly remember the feeling of dread when my mother would turn to me in the car as she was driving and ask “could you get my sunglasses out of my bag for me?”. This seems like a normal request, but if you had ever experienced the endless abyss of crap that was the contents of my mums handbag, you would freak out too. I would be fumbling nervously through mounds of old lipglosses, mini sewing kits, hand creams, medications and old parking tickets while my mum was blinded by the sun as she was driving: “Hurry up! I can’t see anything” she would scream. And I often couldn’t handle the pressure.. my mind would drift to her funeral as my dad sullenly said “if only Amber had found her sunglasses sooner, Susi would still be here today”, and I would have a panic attack and my mum would have to pull over and find them herself.

So I vowed to myself then and there that one day, when I was grown up enough to have a handbag- that I would organise it so neatly that I would know instantly where everything was when I needed it.. so that I could find stuff blindly.. just knowing where it is. So that’s how the kitty bag came along. And many of my colleagues are forever grateful for the contents of it.

I have everything that you’ll ever need in this little bag. I’ll often here someone complaining of something from inside the office, and then another person saying “amber might have some in her kitty bag”. And I usually do. And I can find it in my handbag with my eyes closed, or reach for it from behind my chair. They call me Mary Poppins. But I just call it organisation.

For any of you that are interested, the key is to buy mini versions of things. You won’t ever need a whole tube of toothpaste- and my mini toothpaste has come in handy on exactly 4 occasions.. once, when I forgot to brush my teeth- and the other times when my boss had a tooth infection and needed to brush his teeth after every meal. My bag also contains a tube of handcream, mini pack of make up wipes (because I HATE to exercise with make up on), a fold up hair brush, mini roll on sunscreen, an array of medication to cure all of your hayfever, period pain and general pain needs, and of course.. a mini sewing kit that I believe is necessary after I split my pants all the way up the crotch a couple of weeks ago 10 minutes before an important meeting.


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