Better late



I walked in to my house tonight after a day of what felt like single-parenthood… caring for two high energy dogs and providing stability for my husband who is working 14 hour days is hard work. I know I sound like a whinger- but I leave my house at 7.30 to go to work and get home at 6.30. My dogs require two walks a day AND I have to have a healthy meal ready for my hubby when he gets home after a long day at his job and doing renovations. I have to make sure all the washing is done, make sure the house is clean, and most of all- I have to make my husband and my dogs feel loved and supported.

I had woken up at 5.45, taken the dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood, came home to get ready for work, put away the clean dishes, ate breakfast, put a load of washing on, hung it out, tidied the house, organised dinner (Made the I Quit Sugar Meat Muffins.. they were interesting and they went down well, so ten points to that. 0 points to the fact that there was so much prep required…eg. Home made cream cheese and pumpkin puree), fed the dogs, filled up their water bowls, set them up outside with stuff to play with- then I left and caught the train. And after a long day of invoicing and doing everyone elses crap for them, I jumped out of my car, grabbed my dogs and took them down the beach for a run. There was an insanely fast kelpie down there that literally gave my girls a run for their money and they were absolutely knackered, which was amazing. I came back up the hill, checked in on the new house to see what the boys had done.. then I drove home, put dinner in the oven, made the avocado and cream cheese topping, had a shower, fed the dogs and then collapsed on the lounge. It was almost 8.30 and I was stuffed.

But then I noticed a surprise on my tv cabinet. My sister had snuck in during the day and put this amazing artwork that I’d asked her to do for me for christmas last year.

It made my day, week and life so much better.

And now I truley believe in the saying:

Better late than never.


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