Straya train mate



I had a moment this afternoon when I realised how repetitive my life has been since starting work in sydney. I spend 2 hours a day looking at the back of a train seat. It makes your brain do funny things if you think about it too long. I start going a little bit crazy when I begin to ask questions like- who chose this pattern for the train seats? Why the yellow? Wouldn’t it have just been cheaper to do one solid colour? Did they hire someone to design them?

I think the worst thing about catching trains every day is that I live in a country where people don’t respect rules. Australians are notorious for their “F**k the POLICE!” Mentality which weirdly also applies to common rules and standards, such as the Quiet carriage on Cityrail trains. I literally cannot even explain the rage inside my soul when I am drifting in to a soft lulled sleep when some IDIOT gets on the quiet carriage and starts yapping away on their phone.

It puts you in a weird position..
Because on the one hand, I would have no problem politely telling them that this is actually a quiet carriage and pointing to the HUGE RED SIGNS all around them that they have somehow gone unnoticed… But on the other hand, this is Straya Mate. And wouldn’t it be unaustralian to tell someone to please abide by the rules?? I don’t know. I feel like this is how the convo would go:

Loud person: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Me: excuse me, this is a quiet carriage.
Loud person: what ?
Me: it’s a quiet carriage..(point to sign)
Loud person: Nah nah nah … Straya mate.
me: ok.

Straya… Sometimes I don’t know how to handle you


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